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I'm available for hire as a consultant and for small jobs. Below are the areas in which I can help


I have years of experience engineering in both back and front end environments, though my strength is in React / Redux application development.


I am a designer first. The understanding of the intended experience is paramount. My aim is to design user interfaces that get out of the way

Web Optimization

Page speed is a critical component of web development. I can optimize sites to have page speed rankings of 90+. Check out this site's rating here.


Below is a sampling of recent work

WireCash Site

Design & development

Friends & Benefits

Website & Logo Design

WireCash Branding

Brand development

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Micah Blu

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear about your project and see what I can do to help move it along. If you prefer email you can contact me @ micahblu@gmail.com